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This is usually +/- 1 mm in thickness and you can can rest assured it will be what you asked for. You are a part of the whole procedure, literally. You can have a mirror in your hand the whole time. No surprises!


Can be filled in like a soft powder effect, hair strokes or both. We use two or three different shades to give your eyebrows dimension for those of us who have very few or no hair at all. These too are available in a variety of different colors and shades.


Some people just want lip liner to accentuate the shape of their lips and some want it all filled in with their favorite color and some even want both. And yes, you can still apply lipstick if you want a different color.

Eyebrow Highlighter

Ever so softly on the brow bone just below the eyebrow. A very inexpensive and virtually pain free procedure. Eyebrow highlighter adds a lift to your face without surgery.


Delicately applied for a look like you’ve just been kissed by the sun.

Eye Shadow

Having permanent eye shadow is just so thrilling. No creases, and no reapplications. Soft powder like effect and many shades to choose from or create.


Tired of it caking up? Well this is truly the best. Always look rested and fresh with no more dark circles under your eyes. This amazes everyone.

Beauty Marks

Anywhere, any shape, any color, any size


I have applied Bindis in many different sizes and colors.

Eyelash Enhancement

This is what I like to do especially if you are at all apprehensive. This is really a cool procedure. I lay the pigment ‘IN’ the lash line. This makes your eyelashes look fuller than they actually are. It is also wonderful because your eyes always look nicely and naturally made up. On special occasions you can apply store bought eyeliner for a more dramatic appearance and still maintain a natural look on all other days.

Repairs / Corrections

I truly feel for people who have had a procedure gone wrong. Yes, I can fix most any cosmetic procedure that was done to you incorrectly. All of my clients were done with the gentlest of care. I am NEVER rushed, and I ALWAYS schedule more than enough time for your procedure. I believe that is why I have NEVER had a client who was not completely happy with my work.

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Scar Camouflage

Is very popular especially on that childhood scar in your eyebrow where hair won’t grow. Or the scar that is too white for your skin tone or vise versa. You will literally forget where the scar was.

Hair Simulation

Areola Repigmentation

Ask your Doctor when you can have your areola procedure scheduled. We use several colors for shading and dimension for a natural look.


Teeth Whitening

We use Organic, DaVinci teeth whitening gel combined with UV lights to bring out your natural shine.

Ear Piercing

We offer great, professional ear piercing for all ages!


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